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Meet the Expert Behind the Microphone – Negotiating Coach® Michael E. Sloopka.


Your podcast host, Michael E. Sloopka, is the founder of® and is an internationally recognized expert, teacher, and highly rated speaker on the topics of negotiating and decision-making dynamics that affect negotiated outcomes.


He is a dynamic, engaging, impactful, and entertaining host who will help listeners better understand and relate to the topic of negotiating and the decision-making dynamics that impact negotiated outcomes.

Michael has appeared as a guest on various popular podcasts and radio programs and has written articles or contributed to articles for the Globe and Mail newspaper,,, AMEX Open Forum for Small Business, and Selling Power and Profit magazines.

Michael has personally trained over 50,000 people of all experience levels, across multiple industries, in 31 countries how to negotiate more effectively.  His five-star-rated presentations and negotiating skills training programs have been delivered around the world to small and medium-sized businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and audiences of large industry, trade, and peer-to-peer associations.

The COMPANY® is an international negotiation training, consulting, and coaching firm that specializes in teaching negotiating skills and the decision-making dynamics that affect negotiation outcomes.  The company is a proven solution provider and the benchmark for providing high return-on-investment negotiating solutions – ranging from negotiating skills training programs to complex organization-wide negotiation consulting and coaching initiatives.  

Offering more than 30 years of successful negotiating experience and expertise in sales, marketing, purchasing, distribution, and consulting – from small business to multinational corporations, from personal transactions to multimillion-dollar extended supply agreements and contracts –® has added hundreds of millions of dollars to its clients’ collective bottom line through effective training, consulting, coaching, and negotiation facilitation.


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