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how listeners will benefit

A chart-topping and skill-building podcast about personal and business negotiations, led by Negotiating Coach® Michael E. Sloopka and select guests will provide listeners with the answers and tips they crave to improve outcomes.  

During each episode of his Negotiating for Success Podcast, Michael will provide listeners with easy-to-understand negotiating strategies, tactics, phrases, and tips they can immediately apply – the moment the Podcast episode ends.  Michael will also provide listeners with relevant examples, real-life experiences, and interesting stories about negotiating situations to add context to the learning.

Listeners will feel more confident when they are equipped with behind the scenes secrets and powerful and beneficial strategies, techniques, and tips that will help them save/make money and arrive at better outcomes when negotiating with customers, clients, suppliers, contractors, financial institutions, retailers, co-workers, colleagues – and even family members.


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